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Publishing Mentorship

Have you written a book, but don't know how to get it published? You've come to the right place.Areas covered during coaching:​With over 100 years combined experience of independent publishing, and with approaching 100 books published between members of our team, including many bestsellers, we have a wealth of vital experience and hard-earned knowledge about how the independent publishing industry works.​​Why independent publishing?Well, like me, you've probably dreamed about your book being picked up by a famous publishing house, such as Penguin, or Random House, and having an international bestseller. Nothing wrong with dreaming, right? The problem is, even if you've written the best book ever, the chances of you being discovered are slim to none. A recent report revealed that only 1-2% of manuscripts pitched to publishing houses ever get published. That's seriously low, isn't it? Worse than that? The advances paid to authors back in the day were huge. Now? They're peanuts. Even worse than that? If you were lucky enough for your book to be selected by first, an agent, and second, a publisher, there's a high chance they'd sit on it for a year, the market changes, and they then change their mind. Then, you'll have wasted a year of potential sales had you gone down the independent publishing route. Even worse than that? If you were one of the lucky 1-2%, the major publishing houses these days STILL expect YOU to do the vast bulk of the promotional work. Which is why they only choose 1-2% of pitched books. Those 1-2% are authors who already have a massive backlist of titles to sell. They have huge subscriber lists for their newsletters, and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media... and by followers, as far as the likes of Penguin and Random House are concerned, I mean potential sales. Believe it or not, there is something EVEN WORSE than all that. Did you know that if you were among the 1-2%, you'd receive ONLY 10% of all royalties? That's right, a mere 10%. That means, the publishing house bigwigs are going to enjoy 90% of YOUR royalties, for the book you've possibly spent years and years creating. Trust me, I know how hard it is to finish a book... the anxiety, the blood, the sweat and without doubt, the tears. I've been there many, many times, believe me. On the other hand, if you choose the independent publishing route, YOU get to KEEP 70% of ALL ROYALTIES.YES, 70%.Now, doesn't that sound better? For clarity, this is NOT A VANITY PRESS.I will make exactly 0% of anything you make. Zero commission. Zero slice of your royalty pie. Zero! The 30% you won't make will be swallowed by Amazon. There's just no getting around it. Without Amazon, and the likes of KOBO, and Barnes & Noble, there simply wouldn't be independent publishing. So, that 30% slice of the pie is the price we indie authors must pay to fulfil our writing dreams.Again, I will get ZERO.I am merely here to help you realise your publishing dreams, and help you get your book out into the world. So, where do you start? That's where I come in.It has taken me seven years, many thousands of dollars, much trial and error, and the studying of numerous intense courses to have learned what I now know about the daunting, yet rewarding, process of independent publishing. The services I'm offering here for you will take away all of that. Got a finished, edited manuscript? Let's publish it in three (or four) days.Got a manuscript that needs editing? Leave it in my capable hands, and I'll make it shine. Then we'll publish it together. Sound good? Then read on.Here's what I can offer:•   explain everything you need to know about the independent publishing process. This can be done in person, or via a 90-minute (ish) Zoom call ($125)•   set up your author account on Amazon’s KDP platform (Kindle Direct Publishing), including help with tax forms/bank accounts (you won’t get paid without this step) ($95)•   set up your author central accounts. Without these being set up, especially in the US and UK, your book will be 'live' without an author biography/author image/details about you. This is also important to 'claim' your book on Amazon, to make sure the world knows it's yours ($95) •   write an engaging author biography ($75)•   using cutting-edge software (Publisher Rocket), I'll create the crucial set of keywords and categories every book needs to gain visibility in the online stores ($115)•   using more top-of-the-range software (Vellum), create publish-ready, formatted book files for all stores, inc: Amazon, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Google. This includes adding a Contents page, an Acknowledgments page, an Author's Note page, a Disclaimer page, a Copyright page, and perhaps most importantly, a Review page ($195)•   write a professional blurb/synopsis for your book’s Amazon sales page, as well as for the paperback version of your book ($85 / $55)•   format the blurb/synopsis using HTML, to make it stand out on Amazon ($35)•   create an extensive set of graphics for Facebook/Instagram/Twitter promotions, including 3D book images/graphics ($95)•   upload your files to KDP, and/or the other stores (If you choose not to go exclusive to Amazon — not recommended — there’ll be an extra charge) (Amazon only =$85 / Other stores = $150)•   offer eBook and paperback international pricing recommendations based upon genre research ($45)•   create a digital UBL (universal book link) for your book. This is a single, shareable digital link that once clicked, takes that person to their local online Amazon store, worldwide. Cool, huh? ($25) •   I'll even hold your hand while YOU HIT the PUBLISH button for YOUR BOOK!!! (Free)•   After you're published, I'll explain audio book options, and help you set up an Audible account (Amazon’s audio company) ($45) *Note* The fee includes a further two x 15-minute Zoom calls to keep you updated on the process (optional, of course). If everything is in order, the entire process takes about 48-72 hours, occasionally a little longer. This is because, once files and covers are loaded into the KDP system, they then go through a rigorous digital check before being approved. Once you hit the ‘Publish’ button, by the time you wake up the next morning, your book will be ‘live’ on Amazon (or elsewhere, if that’s what you choose) and you can do a happy dance.​​

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