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With a Developmental Edit, your editor will read your manuscript from a macro, bird's-eye perspective. They will look at things such as:

  • Concept and Premise.

  • Point of view (POV).

  • Inciting incident.

  • Genre and whether you are hitting the tropes.

  • Structure—there is a huge difference between story and plot.

  • Your hero and the hero’s journey.

  • Characterisation.

  • Show don’t tell.

  • Protagonist vs Antagonist.

  • Arcs—story and character.

Your editor will make comments on your manuscript, showing you exactly where you need to make the changes. Should the suggestion warrant it, your editor will give an example of how you could change it, to illustrate the point. If your editor feels the parts of the novel need to be reordered to make your story shine, they will recommend this to you.

It will be a more focused assessment of your novel and, as well as suggesting the changes to the MS, your editor will also provide you with a summary report, drawing your attention to the main points. This is a more detailed service, and hence more costly. Again, you, the author, will make the changes.

  • Dialogue—realistic and reflective of each character.

  • Minutiae and mundane detail—should not be in your novel.

  • Repetition.

  • Tense—correct usage and consistency.

  • Worldbuilding.

  • Beginning and End of your novel.

  • Chapters and Scenes.

  • Issue and inconsistencies.

  • Anything else that jumps out

  • Narrative—flow and keeping it active.

  • Overuse of adverbs, cliches, etc.

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