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Book Coaching

Your personal book coach will guide you at whatever stage you are with your novel. If you are just starting out with a nugget of an idea, your dedicated coach will take you through the steps necessary to get your story out of your head and onto the page. If you have made a start, but are struggling to know how to finish, your coach will need to do an assessment of what you’ve written to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, before tailoring subsequent coaching to your needs.

Areas covered during coaching:

  • Concept and premise.

  • Narrator and point of view.

  • Character and story arcs.

  • Inciting incident.

  • Show don’t tell.

  • Worldbuilding.

  • Hooks and compelling content to keep your reader reading.

  • Casting your story, assigning roles and drawing up character profiles

  • Telling your story in bullet point form.

  • Plotting your story via a timeline.

  • Delving deeper into your story via a detailed storyline.

  • Adding dialogue and sparkle to your story—finalising your novel.

  • Self-editing.

Bestselling multi-genre author, Marie Anne Cope
Bestselling multi-genre, Ken Preston
Kindle Story Teller Award Winner, Ian Sainsbury
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